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Under the Same Sky  

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On the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, in the year 1922, Anna MacLeod adopted the daughter of her best friend.

In 1924, after Anna’s husband died due to injuries received during the Great War, she was invited to bring Catherine to Vancouver, Canada to visit her brother and his wife. Her brother Donald, and his wife Morag, being childless, were excited to meet young Catherine. The long journey to Western Canada, together with the loss of her husband, caused Anna to fall ill shortly after reaching Vancouver.  Unable to care for her child, she decided to return home to Scotland for treatment, leaving Catherine in the loving care of Donald and Morag.

In the summer of 1964, Anna was surprised when she met Laura, a university professor who had signed the guest house register, listing her home address as Arbutus Street in Vancouver. Anna excitedly questioned Laura, asking if, by chance, she knew Catherine Matheson. Laura not only confirmed that she knew her, but that she frequented the Café Canto Fermo which Catherine herself owned and operated. After hearing this, Anna secretly marvelled that Catherine was running a business so similar to her own.  Hearing the story of Anna’s history, Laura encouraged Anna to make a second trip to Canada to explain to Catherine why she had left her to be readopted by Donald and Morag.

Anna had known this day would come. Of course she was worried; of course she was concerned, but she felt she had to see this through.  She had appreciated Laura’s encouragement to make this return journey to Canada, after forty years. 

Catherine is hosting a party at her café in Kitsilano in the summer of 1964, when a mysterious woman from her past suddenly appears. During this happy celebration her life will be turned upside down by revelations about her former life and the promise of new love from an old flame. In this new musical, the missing pieces of our lives come together in unexpected ways at the café, Canto Fermo.

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